The Problem

Internet is a perfect way for company or sole trader to boost sales. For customer it is a perfect way to find what they are looking for. But - Internet is too large, global and operationally too complicated for local customers to find a local business offers. The same for local businesses – internet is too large, global and complicated to attract new customers. In real life retail businesses open shops in crowded places like a city or town centre. There is huge problem with websites –

"Each newly created website is like a shop in deep forest, hundreds miles away:

There is no customer traffic at all"


Would You like to sell in Deep Forest, hundreds miles away???

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Aim of internet marketing is to connect your website with customers all around the web. It is like building of roads and higways to Your shop in deep forest. And this is where our customers failed. And unfortunately, without proper internet marketing,You will fail too...

About Us

monitoraEkransWe are working in website development and hosting industry since 2007, with portfolio of more than 130 - websites, eCommerce sites, portals, and community sites. We are proud and happy of how many customers we have had and what quality of web sites we have built for them but not happy with success of Our customers.

We made a research and found that customers due lack of skills, time and money was not able to promote their website business. They never ever worked to promote a website. We made another research and developed Internet Marketing solutions how to boost Your sales with help of our services.

Our Services

forest badgePatix - One Stop Service Provider for all your core Internet Business needs.

 Aim of our SERVICES is to get Your online business out of Forest by conecting Your website with all major traffic soures.

As soon as possible.

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